KeCert®use cases

Use case no. 1

The training body releases and distributes its certificates to students
  • The body accesses its platform which contains a section with images, logos and signatures.
  • It enters some basic data (course title, date and logos of the body, description). The data entered are included in the certificate.
  • It includes the signatures of responsible persons for the certificate release. Also the images of signatures are included in the certificate release process, which then becomes an independent file that does not need any external server.
  • To ease the work of the secretariat, it is possible to import the biographical data for all students.
  • The certificate is set, and the release process begins. This is when the creation of the signed digital files takes place, aligned with the hash writing on blockchain.
  • At the end of this process, it is possible to check the detail page, waiting for the confirmation of the writing on blockchain (the timing depends on the blockchain itself)
  • Once the transaction is confirmed, the certificate is available and ready to be sent to the student.
  • It is also possible to revoke the certificate later on: a check would confirm that the certificate in the hands of the student is not valid anymore.

Use case no. 2

The student uploads his/her certificate on LinkedIn
  • The student receives his/her digital training certificate from the training body, visible on a web address owned by the training body
  • S/he uploads the certificate in the LinkedIn “My Learning” area
  • The certificate is available for inspection by anyone who accesses the web address specified

Use case no. 3

The recruiter hunts for people who concluded a specific study path
  • The recruiter visits LinkedIn
  • S/he carries out a search for people meeting his/her needs
  • S/he enters the “My Learning” area of the person s/he is interested in
  • S/he opens the training certificate and checks its authenticity

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