KeCert®, digitizing certificates on blockchain

KeCert® is a digital certificate release system on Ethereum blockchain.

With KeCert®, the training body releases a digital diploma to the students who completed their study path.

With KeCert®, recruiters can check the authenticity of a study title included in a CV or on the social profile of the candidates to ensure that the certificate has been actually released by the University, the business Academy, the Institute mentioned, for a specific individual.

Digitizing certificates

Nowadays, the educational path of people is not provided and guaranteed by a single body, study topics and certificates are numerous and are hardly ever managed by a single institute. .

Such level of specialization requires new procedures:

  • How can a recruiter check the actual veracity of the candidate’s information? It is not easy, certainly not as checking the authenticity of a graduate degree by calling directly the University that released it.
  • How can the training body control the certificates it releases? How can it avoid people to declare they attended its courses when they did not, or how can the training body cancel the authenticity of the certificate?
  • How can a student demonstrate the authenticity of his/her certificates in an effective and credible way?

Some training bodies have set up some ad hoc platforms to check the authenticity of titles of those who attended their courses.  

For example: among computer certificates, those released by Oracle provide credentials that can be checked on the Oracle website.

Similarly, whoever wishes to check that somebody actually possesses an ISO certification can use a dedicated platform.

Nevertheless, all these solutions are fragmented and cannot be checked in a single way.

KeCert® automates and simplifies the checking process for certificates

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How can the authenticity check of a digital certificate be automated?

The answer is KeCert®. This is the solution to automate the authenticity check of a digital certificate based on Ethereum blockchain.

Blockchain is a public ledger, it does not need a mediating body to access its information.

The information released on blockchain is immutable, nobody can change it once it has been written.

The source of the information is ensured by the transaction on the blockchain itself, it means that the initiator of the transaction is the author that guarantees the source of the information.

Thanks to cryptography algorithms it is possible to prevent frauds.

Start digitizing your certificates on blockchain