KeCert® relies on authorized open standards

Blockcerts is the open standard offered by the MIT Media Lab, which allows to create infrastructures to design, release, visualize and verify digital certificates based on blockchain.

Blockchain: security and authenticity

Digital certificates are included in this public, shared digital ledger, which cryptography algorithms ensure that signatures and data are not tampered with.

Blockchain ensures that certificates can be verified at any time, avoiding any contact with the organization or the platform that released them, and at the same time it allows individuals to own and share the titles achieved.

KeCert® specifically, writes its own Blockcerts on Ethereum public blockchain, using hashing mechanisms and merkle-tree to minimize the amount of transactions and maximize verifiability.

What is the Blockcerts standard?

It stems from the Open Badge 2.0 standard and it applies it to blockchain technologies.

Open Badges are digital certificates for acquired subject knowledge, soft skills and technical competences.

They are made up of graphics (the image), and some specifics (metadata), which mark an acquired competence, a skill or an objective achieved, the method used to verify it, the mention of which body released it, and the identity of who achieved it.

They are guaranteed by their releasing body and they are also recognized internationally.

The Blockcerts project, developed in Python, is a sort of black box surrounded with a user interface and communication systems that allows anyone to release a digital certificate for their courses in full comfort and autonomy, without any previous knowledge or technical infrastructure.

Are you a training body?

Our commitment

While developing KeCert®, we worked to improve Blockcerts. We believed it was necessary to focus our efforts on the open source community, and become direct contributors to the source code for Blockcerts to make it more functional, reliable, and also a bit more “our code”.

Our team will reach out to you for further details.